Thursday, May 19, 2011

Full-Bodied Fellatio: Balls, Butts & What's In Between

Excerpt from Balls, Butts, & What’s In Between:
"Penetration – When preparing to penetrate the asshole with your fingers, I highly recommend that you wear a latex or nitrile glove or a finger cot (a finger condom), particularly if you use your hands roughly for work or play, or have any tiny cuts or scratches, bite your nails heavily, etc. Any microabrasions on your fingers will provide an opportunity for infection from bacteria or virus in the anus. If you won’t be wearing a glove, please trim your nails close to the quick, being careful not to cut yourself, and file the edge of your nail so that it’s not sharp.

Read my January 8th, 2010 blog post at for a description of how to introduce a partner to anal penetration for the first time.

That said, I’ll assume from here out that you have explicit permission for anal play, and that it is not your partner’s first time. Accordingly, and starting slowly unless your partner has expressed a differing desire, using one finger, or more if your partner is highly experienced, press your fingertip upward and into the anal canal to whatever depth is enjoyable for you both. And then...

Prostate Massage – ..."

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