Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Full-Bodied Fellatio: Mouth Skills

Excerpt from Mouth Skills:
"Suction – In order to practice suction, we’ll work with your fingers, so choose one to suck on. Put your finger into your mouth and get a good lip seal so that you get nice, tight suction when you suck on it like a straw. You’ll know it’s right because your cheeks will suck in. Next, practice maintaining the feeling of suction as you move the length of your finger in and out of your mouth. Keep that lip seal!

Now see if you can work your tongue against your finger – around the sides and flicking back and forth across the tip – while maintaining suction. Yes, it will be different on a penis – a penis has greater girth (or width). Accordingly, feel free to practice this technique on travel-sized shampoo bottles, or anything with larger width and a fairly smooth texture. (A rough texture or wavy surface could get in the way of your lip lock.) I hope it’s a given that you’ll practice on a dildo. Just wash it first!"

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