Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ultimate Fellatio Inquiry #1 - Learning, Part 1

Part 1 - When and how did you learn to give a blow job?

Initially, I could say that I learned around the age of 11 from the descriptions in Playboy Magazine and the Penthouse Forum, followed up by cherished and guilty glimpses of Cinemax and other late-night cable movies, but there's nothing like putting theory into practice.

My first BJ happened in the back of a car - what car? I don't even remember. What guy? Aw shucks, I don't remember that either! What I do know is that it was during the Spring semester of my Senior year in high school and I was 17. He had been in my Shakespeare class the previous semester, and had graduated early, so I rarely saw him anymore.

There was a good deal of drama involved in how I attended Rocky Horror Picture Show with my girlfriends one Saturday night and ended up alone with him in his car at 4 AM on Sunday, but I was happy to be there. He was smart, nice, cute, and he chose me - that was all I needed.

I remember being nervous, wondering if I'd actually know what to do, but he unzipped his pants, pulled out his phallus, and ... there he was. Instinct took over once he guided me into position, and I honestly can't remember the rest! I know that he was surprised at my enthusiasm and skill, that I had fun, and that he thoroughly enjoyed it. Did he cum? Did I swallow? I can't recall, but it was worth facing the parents when I got home at 6 AM.

In other areas of sexual expression I was less fortunate. I was lucky to have some very patient partners who guided me, encouraged me, and taught me that
my pleasure was valuable to them. Without them I would be an uncertain, unfulfilled, and repressed woman today.

In Part 2 we'll discuss sexual learning and societal expectation.

When and where and how did
you learn to give a blow job?

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  1. Hi Makael,
    I really enjoy reading your blog. My first BJ was a memorable event in my life but had both positive and negative aspects to it.
    Thanks for talking about all of these subjects.