Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ultimate Fellatio Tip #2 - Sensual Texture

This is the second of a series of posts discussing tips & tricks from my Ultimate Fellatio workshop. Enjoy!

What is the experience of a blow job for the receiver? As a woman, I'm very aware of what I'm doing, but I can never fully know exactly how it feels to my partner. I can, however, know how my partner feels it.

He has physical sensation through the way that I touch him - the pressure I apply, the way I move my hands, the heat of my mouth, the texture of my tongue. But there are other avenues of sensation - sensual textures as I call them - that can create a more complete session. Here are four suggestions for creating a full experience.
  • Eye Contact - From the first moment you decide to share this experience, eye contact can be very hot. You can use flirty eyes, nasty eyes, demanding eyes - anything you choose to express yourself while your mouth is full. Sometimes it hurts my eyes to try to look up at his face while my mouth is occupied below, but the response is worth it. (Unless you are not allowed to make eye contact, in which case the hotness comes from obeying the rules.)
  • Moaning - The act of moaning creates vibrations in your mouth and lips that he can certainly feel. It doesn't get much simpler than that!
  • Slurpy Sounds - Giving great head is not usually consistent with looking pretty while you do it. The same goes for 'sounding' pretty. Let yourself make some noise - let him hear that you're enjoying it. Be sloppy - I mean, slurpy!
  • Full-bodied Touch - Use both hands all over his body. Certainly you'll likely have one around his dick, and sometimes two, but there are many other areas of his body to stimulate as well - nipples to pinch, ass cheeks to grab, hands to hold, thighs and hips to squeeze... Expanding the realm of your touch makes the blow job more of a full-bodied experience - and who doesn't want that? (Think not? Ask him! And then do what He wants, not what I say.)
Of course there are foods and perfumes, scented candles and flavored syrups that can be used to add smell and taste, but I don't generally mention them because you'd have to liberate a hand to pick them up and manipulate them, taking you somewhat away from the task at hand. (Literally, ha ha!)

What other ways do you use to enhance the sensual BJ experience for your partner? If you have other suggestions for the senses of smell and taste, I'd particularly love to hear them!

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