Monday, February 22, 2010

America's Sexuality Day 2010

America’s Sexuality Day

Honoring Your Sex on the Anniversary Sex was Censored

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You read my blog! Therefore, I'll assert that you are someone who has a commitment to sexual freedom and health, to the well being of humanity and the role that sex plays in it. Accordingly, I invite you to take a part, even a small one, in America's Sexuality Day on March 3, 2010. While additional information follows, the gist is this...

America's Sexuality Day is a day to celebrate sex - YOUR sex - however you choose to have it - or not to have it if your choice is celibacy! It is a day for expanding awareness and inquiry into the role of sexuality in our lives, in our society, in our relationships, minds and hearts. A day to note that censorship is very much alive, and a day to have intentional conversations about what sex means - even with those whose views might not match ours.

I invite you to do one or more of the following:

1) Schedule a gathering of friends or strangers to celebrate America's Sexuality Day. Throw a BBQ. Watch a sexy movie and hold a discussion. Follow the example of Portland-based ErosFest NW and hire belly dancers to precede a snuggle party.

2) Have intentional conversations about sex on March 3rd - you could even make a game out of it and see how many you can have! Or just talk with a friend or lover - even the small steps matter.

3) Blog, tweet and post about this event now and on March 3rd.

4) Become a fan of America's Sexuality Day on Facebook (

5) Donate to the cause. We need funding to pay for our 501(c)3 process, for space to announce ourselves at the Press Club in DC, and more.

If you agree to take on at least one of the above, PLEASE declare your commitment on the Facebook page! We can show the world that we're taking a stand for sexual free speech, and that we're taking action.

This is just the start. An international coalition for Sexuality Days in other countries has already met. We're in communication with the Sex Parties in Canada and in Australia, and we're not stopping there! (If you would like to create a Sexuality day in your country, we welcome you!)

Join us. EVERY conversation makes a difference.

Wishing you great conversations and great sex,


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