Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ultimate Fellatio Tip #5 - Skeletal Skills

It's true - your skeletal deformation could become a BJ asset. Let me explain...

I ran a dental practice for over six years, and during that time I learned a lot. During my second year I learned about something called Tori. Tori appear as a skeletal response to areas of localized stress within your mouth.* Your jaw builds up extra bone in these areas of stress, to help stabilize the dental-skeletal system, leaving you with hard, bony lumps.

Run a fingertip along the inside of your lower jaw, just below your teeth, then along the jaw between your lip and your teeth. Are there any hard nodules or noticeable bumps? Those may be force-related tori. Repeat for the upper jaw, just because you should know what's going on in there! If you've got a lot of them, you might check out
this introduction to Neuromuscular Dentistry. Particularly if you also have headaches or migraines, clenching or grinding, broken or chipped teeth, neck, shoulder or back pain... but I digress.

I'm talking here about palatal tori which is a hard bony bump along the roof of your mouth. Press your tongue up against your front teeth, and run the tip of your tongue backwards towards your throat. Is there a hard bump there? I, having a palatal tori of my own, thought that everyone had one of these until I saw plaster models of a normal, smooth palate.

Use it if you've got it!
Just as you pressed your tongue against it, use your tongue to press the dick that you're blowing against that bump! With practice, you can acquire skill at adding that extra stimulation along the entirety of his shaft as he moves in and out of your mouth. You can also particularly work the head of his penis against that nub.

Who says skeletal deformity isn't a gift from the BJ Gods? This one certainly is.

*There is occasional disagreement within the dental community about the origin of palatal tori. Some believe it is force/stress-related, and others that it is genetic or non-stress-related. Seeing what I've seen, I tend to agree with the former position.

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