Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Jargon of Swinging

Every area of specialty has a language of it's own. Here's a quick review of some of the terms and definitions that you may encounter in the world of swinging.
  • Soft Swap - A couple that engages in Soft Swap is generally interested in kissing and petting. They may or may not engage in oral sex, but full-body, full-nudity, full-penetration sex is off the menu.
  • Full Swap - A couple that describes themselves as Full Swap is into the full range of physical, sexual activities. Anal sex must always be explicitly negotiated, and you can never assume that either one of them is bi-sexual. Otherwise, you can generally take it that they're open to the full range of penetrative sex.
  • "Hall Pass" - I crossed this term on Lifestyle Lounge, and mention it here in case it has made the transition to the swing community at large. A Hall Pass would mean that one partner has the permission to play solo, without the other partner's involvement. For example - "I'm coming to town for a conference and have a hall pass. Who wants to play?"
  • On-Premises - An on-premises club or party is one that includes beds and/or rooms where you can get your sexy on with other attendees. Often there will be a dance area, a place for lounging, possibly a bar, and rooms for sexual engagement. Some rooms or areas will be structurally open to viewing by other attendees, some have viewing windows, and some are enclosed and private. Sometimes there's a time limit, implied or enforced, on how long you can occupy a room. The clubs that I've attended all supply condoms, sometimes packets of lube, and all supply clean sheets. When you leave the room, you strip the bed, and the next couple makes their bed with new sheets before they engage. It's a system of common courtesy and convenience.
  • Off-Premises - An off-premises club or party is one where you've got to take your freak elsewhere. It may be a dance club or a bar rented out for that evening, or a single hotel room, but there may be limits on the level of nudity and sexual play. You can meet, greet, snuggle, flirt, dance, and possibly pet lightly, but once you decide that you want to take it further, go get a room of your own.
Are you open to soft or full swap? No swap? Would you ever give your partner a hall pass? Would you rather attend and on-premises or off-premises event? Interesting questions to consider, eh? Until you actually consider them - REALLY consider them - you only think you know the answers.

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