Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dark Odyssey: Winter Fire'10 Personal Review Part 1

Dark Odyssey: WinterFire... What a pansexual adventure! It has become my kinky family reunion - the one time each year that I am surrounded by my favorite alternatively bent friends and loved ones. Additionally, each year I meet new favorites, and so my family grows! More people to appreciate, admire and love - a gift indeed. Philip, Sean, Shervon, Vicki, Kai, Theo, Stormy, Beth, Don, Paul, et al, I love ya.

This year was unique in that my fiance, Q, attended as "my assistant." He keeps me on track on a daily basis, returns me to sanity when my internal dialogue gets loud and nasty, as it is wont to do, and grounds me in ways I've yet been unable to ground myself. I am blessed to be his partner.

Now, when I say "my assistant," I do so with the greatest humor. He is a dominant sadist, and certainly not "in service" to me in any formal way. (Much of my attention was spent trying to find him a masochist with whom to play, but more about that later.) I say "my assistant" in that he is absolutely committed to my success and willing to support me in almost any way possible. I would have been at a loss without him - let me explain...

The first big undertaking of the weekend was actually not a part of DO. I filmed my Non-Monogamy for the Novice and Ultimate Fellatio workshops for the
Kink Academy. Quoting from the website, "The Kink Academy provides creative, playful, and varied sexuality instruction for curious adults and consenting (and adventurous) individuals who are looking to take their sexual knowledge further, to explore their own fantasies, and to learn from experts who are passionate about helping you to improve your sex life!" That's Me! And, that's Q - he was the stunt-cock for my Fellatio workshop. It's a tough life, but someone's got to do it, eh?

Well, let me tell you something about filming... it's a lot harder than you think! My inner perfectionist was SCREAMING that I was doing it the wrong way, using the wrong words, and generally screwing it all up, and Q was tasked with 'keeping it up' on-demand and under a time restriction. Thank you again to Adam, Princess Kali's very professional camera man, who managed to encourage me and create a safe space to do things I never thought I'd do on camera. We'll see what he managed to create from my starts and stops soon enough. But hey, it's all a part of my commitment to share the knowledge, and then there was DO itself. Due to the filming, we missed the Friday workshops, but we dressed in our most casual yet sexy best and toured the play-space.

For those who've never attended DO:WF, there is a HUGE dungeon - about two large ballrooms worth - of continual tables,
St. Andrew's crosses, bondage chairs, spanking benches, cages and racks, and scaffolds with winches for every manner of consensual pleasure and abuse one could imagine. Fire play, wax play, bondage and suspension, sensory play and sensory deprivation, pony, kitty or puppy play, needles and medical play, flogging & whipping & beating, oh my! It's all fair game. (Note - all included links are merely examples and may not be accurate to the equipment or activities at DO:WF.)

Of course there are Dungeon Masters in charge of oversight, to make sure that everyone observes the rules and nothing goes wrong, and ample empty space is left around each piece of "furniture" to allow people to pass and watch and talk without encroaching on the implied privacy of the scene. Waterproof barriers (think of larger and thinner puppy training pads), anti-bacterial wipes, hand sanitizer, condoms and lube packets, tissues and napkins, etc. are all provided at tables throughout the space to maintain cleanliness and sanitation.

Across the corridor from the main dungeon are more play spaces with some of the same equipment as well as several
sex swings and a lounge area with a dance pole. Given that it's a portable pole, and I'm neither short nor tiny, I rocked the base significantly the first time I tried it out. I think I'll stick to the full-mount variety in the future!

There is also a lounge area next to the Sex-O-Rama, home of exhibitionism and voyeurism, filled with
Liberator Esse shapes, padded mats and a Zeppelin. The Sex-O-Rama itself (the signature sign has an arrow reading "Fuck Here") has a variety of mesh or gauze enclosed beds and mats, plus some exposed play areas for the truly open attendee.

See things you will - things that entice you, things that repel you, and things that make you go, "Hunh?" But by the end of the weekend, having learned, laughed, and discovered that you are NOT alone and that there is acceptance for whatever your interest may be, you'll be happy you attended and able to see strange sights and think, "Okay, that may not be my thing, but if it works for you..."

And that is why I love Dark Odyssey: Winter Fire. Surrounded by S&Mers, fetishists, polyamorists, swingers, kinksters, voyeurs and exhibitionists, Tantrists, sacred sensualists, gay, straight, gender-queer and more... EVERY variety of kink is embraced. Even if yours is to be completely non-kinky and monogamous. *gasp!*

At Dark Odyssey, even Vanilla is a valid and welcome flavor.

In my next blog I'll review the classes I attended and how they've impacted my life.

M. Makael Newby, 2010 - All Rights Reserved -

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