Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ultimate Fellatio Tip #6 - Teeth

Teeth, yes, teeth.

We've already covered biting in the post about being rough, but there are additional ways to use teeth that can enhance your BJ experience. As mentioned before, opinions and preferences vary... some men like it gentle, and others rough, so ask first and watch the response you receive.

Besides biting, there is of course nipping and scraping - varying levels of intensity and pressure using the edges of your teeth. Additionally, you can rub the head of his penis between your cheek and the outer surface of your teeth, the ones that show when you smile. It feels weird, but a man taught me to do that, so...

And as long as we're talking about teeth, we can mention cheeks. Taking a dick down your throat is great, but you can also direct it into your cheek. Think about it - nice soft, stretchy flesh - no wonder it has a certain appeal. You can also press the head of his dick into your cheek and then slap your own face lightly. Kinky? Strange? Perhaps. But again, it was a man who taught me to do that. My job is merely to pass along the information.

(And I love my job!)

M. Makael Newby, 2010 - All Rights Reserved -

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