Sunday, January 31, 2010

Facebook is for Babies

So, are FetLife and Blackbox Republic the only adult social networking sites? They may very well be.

Given that My Erotic Adventure (my new choose-your-own styled erotica) has been published, I thought I'd create a small banner ad to be run on Facebook. Their targeting is great - I chose people between the ages of 18-60, any relationship status, any gender, who included in their profiles the following tags: choose your own adventure, choose your own adventure books, erotic, erotica, i love sex, kink, kinky, middle night sex, morning sex, sex, or sex sex sex more sex.

Seems pretty much like the ideal crowd for a choose-your-own erotic novel, eh?

Well, Facebook has denied my ad for "Adult content, including nudity, sexual terms and/or images of people in positions or activities that are excessively suggestive or sexual, or provocative images in violation of community standards."

So I can target people whose profiles exhibit an interest in "sex sex sex more sex," but not with adult content. Incongruous, much?

Where do the grown-ups play? And more to my point - when do we get to be grown-ups anyway? Are we so fragile that the mere mention of sex must be shoved down and hidden at every opportunity? God forbid an 18 year old young woman should read the word "threesome," her whole world might melt.

What I'm perceiving here is a huge disconnect between the world we actually LIVE in and the one in which we're supposed to pretend to exist. According to data from the CDC gathered in 1995, 70.4% of women whose periods had begun had engaged in penile-vaginal intercourse by the age of 19.

70.4% - 15 years ago! You've got to believe that this statistic has increased - particularly when you include other forms of sexual interaction.

That is the world we actually live in. The world that Facebook would like you to think we live in is one in which "adult content" must be shielded from the eyes of the public, even those of consenting age. I understand that they've got to draw the line somewhere, and they have the right to their policies.

But I'm talking about a conversation. About sex. Words... words that discuss a powerful aspect of what it means to be a human being. Where ignorance lives, danger lies, my friends. As long as we are not free to educate ourselves about our sexuality, and to share our knowledge freely with those who could benefit, we are not truly free.

PLEASE share this with as many people as you can. And share my book! This is the work of my life - creating a world where we can be free to have conversations... even about sex.

M. Makael Newby, 2010 - All Rights Reserved -


  1. I have experienced the same thing with FB several times. I also went through this when changed policies last year denying and closing all adult content social networks. Do you know of any that do?

  2. As mentioned, to date I know only of FetLife and BlackboxRepublic. Let me know if you're interested in the Republic. I can help you with the process.

  3. Thanks for mentioning htt:// .... if you need any help with FetLife just tell me.