Monday, May 30, 2011

Full-Bodied Fellatio: Gagging & Choking

Excerpt from Gagging & Choking:
"What’s Sexy? – I was once deep throating a fairly large partner, and the longer we went the more my gag reflex kicked up. (This is normal, as mentioned.) At one point, I gagged hard enough to vomit a tiny amount into my mouth. I raced into the bathroom and spit into the sink.

I returned to the bedroom and said, “That is SO not sexy.”

His response? “Well, now we know that YOU don’t think that’s sexy.” Hrm? What?

Your idea of what’s sexy may not be the same as that of your partner, and many receivers find gagging incredibly hot. Nonetheless, it can be a mental and emotional challenge for givers, not to mention the physical discomfort it creates. So here’s a tip for the receivers…

Verbal Reassurance – Tell your partner how turned on it makes you when she chokes on your cock. Don’t just expect her to know, speak it out loud. Particularly when she’s doing something that may be challenging to her self-image, your reassurance that she’s not diminished in your opinion of her is very important."

More tips and tricks for intentional gagging and choking are available through the Web Store at

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