Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Full-Bodied Fellatio: Your Gag Reflex

Excerpt from Deep Throating:
"Love it or hate it, the gag reflex is your body’s natural defense against choking on foreign objects, and a penis counts as a foreign object. According to at least one study, however, up to one-third of healthy people don’t even have a gag reflex! If you are one of those lucky bitches, congrats! The rest of us will just have to find a way to deal with it. Here are some suggestions...


Get Numb – Run the tip of your tongue backward along the roof of your mouth until the bony feeling gives way to soft flesh. This is your soft palate. The gag reflex is often triggered when something touches the soft palate, so if this little exercise made you twitch, consider the following... Topical numbing agents can be used to numb your soft palate thus diminishing your gag response.

Good Head by Doc Johnson is a gel. Squeeze some onto a Q-tip, rub it onto your hard palate, and then swallow. This will pull the gel back onto your soft palate. Apply Chloraseptic or Comfortably Numb Throat Spray as if you were using them to treat a sore throat. Aim, and spray.

WARNING: The problem with having a numb throat is that you cannot feel any damage you may be doing. There are times when it hurts because you should stop! Be aware of the risks.

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