Friday, May 18, 2012

E-Dating Don'ts - #1 Don't be blank.

Do NOT contact someone when your profile is blank.

Really? What am I supposed to glean from a blank profile that's going to make me want to talk with you?

"Ooooh, a blank profile. Finally, a complete mystery!" NOT.

DO put quality content into your profile. 

Tell me a bit about who you are, and what you're seeking from this site. Remember, I'll be reading your profile looking for the following:

Do we want similar things?
Can he provide what I want?
Am I a fit for what he's seeking?
Is this someone I'd enjoy talking to if we ever met?

If your profile is blank, or populated with one-liners (EX: Self-Summary I'm a nice guy looking for love. What I'm Really Good At Cooking.), you aren't giving me enough information to determine the answers to the aforementioned questions.

If I've got a ton of free time on my hands, and I'm on the site just to meet as many people as I can, I may choose to meet you anyway! If, on the other hand, I'm serious about finding a partner with whom I can create a deeply fulfilling relationship, you are wasting my time.

One liners tell me that you aren't really serious. You're just poking around on this site. Which is fine! And, it may not get the results you want. Your profile doesn't have to be a masterpiece (like mine, *cough cough*), but it does need to tell me enough to spark some interest, enough for me to be curious to discover more.

So set aside an hour and put some energy into your profile. The results you get will likely be consistent with what you put into it.

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